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Business data

  • EUR 490198 / 2022
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Legal data

  1. 42103104527
  2. LV42103104527
  3. 15.01.2020
  4. 15.01.2020
  5. Padures iela 10C, Aizpute, Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-3456

About the company

LTD "GP Services" is a company specialized in the metalworking industry, offering a wide range of high-quality metal products and services for production and processing. Our company is known for its state-of-the-art equipment, technological innovation and strict quality control that ensures the highest possible standard for customer needs.



  • metal sawing;
  • metal drilling;
  • welding with semi-automatic device;
  • metalworking projects by individual order;
  • care and planting of young people.



Metal processing, metalworking services, metal sawing, metal drilling, welding with semi-automatic device, bicycle railing, stair railing black metal railing, roof structures, roof covering, metal roof structures, metal table, metal bench, metal cutting with plasma, young stand care, young planting.