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  3. 05.01.2007
  4. 05.01.2007
  5. Medņu iela 14, Valmiera, Valmieras nov., LV-4201

About the company

LTD "ĢR" specializes in performing electrical installation and lightning protection works for both private individuals and legal entities since 2007. annual. We conclude service contracts. Our extensive experience allows us to perform electrical installation works in a high-quality, professional manner and within the specified deadlines. Highly qualified specialists working in our company carry out electrical installation work. As part of the energy audit of electrical networks, we offer to carry out a survey, study and analysis of the internal and external electrical networks of the entire object. Calibrated instruments are used in the work, individual approach to work with each client.



  • Electric measurements
  • Electric installation
  • Solar power plants( solar panels, solar batteries)
  • Designing
  • Construction supervision



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