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  • Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia
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  5. 2018

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„Graanul Invest” Ltd. is engaged in bioenergy and biotechnology development, forestry and renewable energy production field. We produce and supply environmentally friendly and qualitative products and help to preserve the environment by providing marketable renewable fuels and reducing conventional fossil fuel waste. „Graanul Invest” has grown into one of the largest pellet producers in Europe and one of the largest independent renewable energy producers in the Baltic Sea region. Our mission, vision and goal is to become the most reliable pellet manufacturer in the world, develop globally the use of renewable energy and produce and deliver environmentally friendly and high quality products. 


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electricity production, biotechnology, bioenergy, forestry, renewable energy production,
renewable fuel, pellets, purchase of filings, purchase of woodchips,
purchase of round timber, ecological electricity, wood particle pellets,
wood, renewable energy, renewable energy sales.

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