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  5. 2018


GRAINTECH Ltd. is a agricultural family company that works to help Latvian farmers and forest owners to develop and improve their technics park. We are moving forward in our and our customer's growth, because we believe that good business relationships are based on mutual trust and understanding that is particularly important in the agricultural sector. We are a full service company that provides the entire process chain in order to be able to provide your brand and project guarantee, service support. We develop projects, assemble, train, provide full service and support. We offer grain pre-processing equipment: grain dryers, grain storage towers and bunkers, grain cleaners, grain transport systems. It also offers a wide range of agricultural and forestry machinery. With us you can be sure about the best price and quality solution. 


Grain preprocessing, Grain dryer, Grain dryers, Mobile Wound, Mobile Wound,
Chipboard, Biomass boiler, Crosswash dryers, Crosswash dryers, Stationary grave,
Stationary grave, Grain storage, Grain transportation, Transporter,
Tower with a cone, Grain Tower, Grain sneks, Screw conveyor, Chain conveyor,
Tape conveyor, Flow divider, Grain tubes, Grain tubes, Grain Gofra,
Branch..., Square bunker, Buffer bunker, Grain ventilation, Grain ventilation systems,
Ventilated tower, Moisture meter, Temperature cables, Humidity sensor,
Sensor of the temporal, Pre-cleaner, Mills, Peeler , Burner, Biofuel,
Bio-furnace, Biomass burner, Grain cleaner, Grain Separator, Grain mordant,
Mepu, Preco, Oilon, Ariterm, Against the stoner, Mineral impurities purifier,
Granulator, Extruder, Wiper blade, Gravity table, Crusher, JK-Machinery,
JKmachinery, Skolde, AGI, Skandia-Elevator, Skandia, SATAKE, Damas,
Mehzavod, Frame, MySilo, Symaga, Batco, Nord Mills, Westfield, WHEATHEART,
SuperTech, Grain acceptance, Grain Reception Pit, Bedpan, Optical sorter,
Grain Separator, Carrier spare parts, Grain Complex, Grain complex construction,
Grain Composite Stirring, Agricultural projects, Grain tower assembling,
Drying assembly, Manipulator, Seeder, Fertilizer spreader, Forest trailer,
Plow, FISKARS, Chipper, Ground tiller, Soil preparation machinery,
Harrows, Soil loosener, Subsoiler, Sprayer, Mulcher, Shredder, Spray nozzle,
Drooping head, Grate bowl, Fraudster, Scales, Frontal loader, Precision agriculture,
Agricultural GPS, Container trailers, Tractor spare parts, Agricultural spare parts,
Echlbock, Bieber, Agrolead, MX, Country, Bigab, Raboud, FTG Moheda,
FTG Forest, FTG Mowi, Granit, IKH, Grammer, Laimet, PC Staal, Western Fabrications,
Used trucks, Used furs, Used machinery.

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