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  3. "Swedbank"
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  5. 19.03.2002
  6. Ulbrokas iela 42G, Rīga, LV-1021


Security service, services. Houses, security of apartments and other objects starting from 10.27 EUR per month, Connection to security desk, technical AND physical security, person escorting. Deficit elimination program, mystery consumer, alarm response, shop, office security, Security system installation: alarms, ( wireless) access control, video monitoring, fire safety systems: service, repair, technical projects, safety, Goods protection systems, safety antennas, security gates, remote video surveillance, Control board security. Security services, Security systems, Security service in Riga, security service near Riga, House, apartment, summer house security in Riga district, Technical security is available in Riga and Pieriga region - Babites district, Carnikava, Adazi, Garkalne, Security, Security protection devices systems video surveillance