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  3. "Luminor Bank", AS, Latvijas filiāle
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  6. "Grigaļi", Rudbāržu pag., Kuldīgas nov., LV-3325

Plant nursery "Gregory"

Since 2000. in the company of the year "Grigaļi" grows and sells forest seedlings. Currently, it is possible to buy spruce and birch saplings with an improved root system, as well as pine, spruce, birch and black alder framework saplings. Seedlings are packed in bags, which are stored in a cold room until they are planted in the forest. All seedlings are certified by the State Forestry Service.
Seedlings can be purchased by signing a contract in advance or by agreement during the current season, and customers can view the seedlings during their growth or shortly before purchase. Call or email for details and to place orders.


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