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Grobina driving school
Professional driver training
Grobina driving school
Professional driver training
driver's, motorcycle rights
driver's, motorcycle rights


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Working time

  • Sun-
  • Mon900-1700
  • Tue900-1700
  • Wed900-1700
  • Thu900-1700
  • Fri900-1700
  • Sat900-1500

Business data

  • EUR 36 785 / 2021
  • 5

Legal data

  1. 52103021621
  2. LV52103021621
  3. 25.06.1999
  4. Dienvidkurzemes nov., Grobiņa, Egļu iela 26, LV-3430
  5. 2021


"Grobina driving school" theory training free of charge. Theoretical training: teacher Ivars Pelekis. Practical driving: instructor Ivars Pelekis. "Grobiņa driving school car service" - car diagnostics, repair of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Car interior dry cleaning.



,, BE, C1, C1E, CE, D1, D1E, DE category driver training, professional driver training, code 95, bicycle driver training, training, driver's rights, motorcycle rights. Grobina driving school, theory training free of charge, Theoretical training, teacher Ivars Pelekis, Practical driving, instructor Ivars Pelekis. Car diagnostics, repair, maintenance. Exhaust emission test, chemical car interior cleaning, dry cleaning. Car diagnostics, repair of cars and commercial vehicles, computer diagnostics of all brands and models, gas measurement for gasoline engines, test of opacity for diesel engines, all kind of, including, "common Rail" testing diesel engine nozzles for spray, running gear diagnostics and repair, engine diagnostics and repair, welding works, starter and generator repair, brake system repair, preparation for technical inspection. Car interior dry cleaning. Welding, welding works in Grobiņa, repair of bodies, body. Computer diagnostics, priming. Dent removal, after an accident, repair. Repair of damaged parts. Body cosmetic repair.