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Business data

  • EUR 2763807 / 2020
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  • Austria, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Sweden
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Legal data

  1. 40003250113
  2. LV40003250113
  3. 23.03.1995
  4. Rīga, Mūkusalas iela 63, LV-1004
  5. 2020


Printing. Manufacture of packing. Lacquering with UV lacquer. Cutting, pressing and colour printing up to B1 size. Pressing of foil. Printing with UV inks. Braille system. Gluing of boxes.


Glued cardboard packagings, punched cardboard packagings, stitched cardboard packagings,
corrugated cardboard packagings, cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes
for automatic filling plants, cardboard boxes for automatic packaging machines,
cardboard boxes for cosmetic industry, cardboard boxes for food industry,
cardboard boxes for pharmaceutical industry, offset printing, poster printing,
postcards publishing, greeting card publishing house, calendar publishing house,
paper labels, adhesive labels, adhesive paper labels, self-adhesive
paper labels on order, drink coasters, plane-tables, posters, cardboard packaging,
micro-corrugated cardboard packaging, small circulation magazines,
small circulation brochures, booklets, advertising leaflets, calendars,
stickers, labels, tickets, gift cards, postcards, small printing,
blanks, design folders, business cards, relief embossing, foil hologram hot pressing,
film window pasting, post print processing, typography in Riga, HM Riga,
printing in Riga, printing with UV colors.