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  • EUR 562500 / 2010
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  • Estonia, Lithuania
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Legal data

  1. 51203031311
  2. LV51203031311
  3. 12.11.2007
  4. Ventspils, Rūpniecības iela 24, LV-3601
  5. 2020


SIA Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic is a related wholesale company of hydraulic and pneumatic parts of the German company Hydraulik Bauteile GmbH. In addition to the company's product range, it also provides the auxiliary components and parts needed in mechanical engineering. The company's products are produced mainly for the German market and Latvian companies related to ship repair, storage of oil products, mechanical engineering. We would describe ourselves as system suppliers. This means that in addition to our product range, you can order a wide range of auxiliary components and other parts that can be used in mechanical engineering. For example, we will be happy to take over the supply of your small accessories( washers, screws, wire fasteners, etc. tml. ) . We will help you reduce the number of suppliers and simplify the purchasing process.



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