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collection of skin care products
collection of skin care products


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  • EUR 1797 / 2023
  • Italy, Poland, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan

Legal data

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  2. 15.06.2022
  3. 15.06.2022
  4. Hospitāļu iela 23A – 2, Rīga, LV-1013
  5. 2023


"BIO-STAR" is a complex of biologically active medicinal substances that are introduced into the deepest layers of the skin of the face using iontophoresis, various currents and other electronic manipulations. Our goal is to create and develop products that help our customers maintain their health and quality of life at the highest level.



Face creams, Facial serums, Skin care devices, Skin care kits, BIO-STAR eye area beauty care device, BIO-STAR skin analysis device, BIO-STAR skin care day cream, BIO-STAR skin care structural serum, BIO-STAR Diamond skin care collection.