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Business data

  • EUR 291537 / 2023
  • 2
  • Service provider, Distributor

Legal data

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  3. 10.09.2001
  4. 01.03.2004
  5. Priežu iela 1 – 3, Ogre, Ogres nov., LV-5001

About the company

LTD "ILERDA" engages in the sale of live tools, work at heights, PPE and other tools related to electrical assembly. We provide training and briefings in electrical safety issues, training and development of instructions for live work. We help the company to organize the electricity economy( instructions, training, necessary PPE) according to the rules of the MK. We carry out electrical installation measurements.



  • Training in high-voltage jobs
  • Work at height
  • Steeplejack work
  • Chainsaw and brush cutter operator
  • Assembly of overhead lines
  • Assembly and operation of cable lines
  • Electrotechnical measurements
  • Electrical safety training



Instruments and equipment for voltage-sensitive work. High-rise equipment. Dielectric Gloves Test. Dielectric Rods, dielectric rug and piercing test. Positioning belts. Concrete steps. Evacuation equipment, training in high-voltage jobs, work at height, steeplejack work, chainsaw operator, brush cutter operator, assembly of cable lines, assembly of overhead lines, electrical safety training.