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CHIRANA LAGUNA balneological bath
CHIRANA Shark shower
FREY contactless tonometer
FREY perimeter
BOESL lymphatic boots
Magnetic therapy PHYSIOMED
PHYSIOMED deep oscillation therapy
SYNOLIS intra-articular injections with sorbitol
Shariot macular lens MEDICONTUR
Collagen for joint renewal
Collagen for joint renewal
EASY SCAN fundus camera
ReOxy, hypoxia hyperoxia therapy


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  3. 04.10.2001
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  5. 2021


Company Ltd "Industrial technologies" was established in 2001. year. Our activity is based on the supply, installation and maintenance of various technical devices of medical significance. The company's customers include both Latvian and European medical companies. Every year we try to improve the range of products offered, we are looking for new partners and manufacturers in different countries of the world. Thanks to the many agreements with the manufacturers, we receive the equipment directly from the factories, which ensures fast and high-quality delivery, installation and maintenance of the equipment. We supply various equipment for ophthalmologists, ENTs, gynecologists, physical therapists and rehabilitologists, as well as SPA center equipment( hydrotherapy equipment, facial and body care equipment, lymphatic drainage, therapy tables, etc. . . )



Ophthalmology, eye doctor equipment, optics, medical equipment,
autorefractometer, contactless tometer, sign projector, ophthalmoscope,
the perimeter of the field of vision, retinal tomography, corneal tomography,
glaucoma diagnosis, OCT, optical coherence tomograph, SPECTRALIS,
ANTERION, Hrt, ultrasonograph, ABSOLU, AVISO, Compact Touch, laser,
YAG, SLT, SOLUTIS, EASYRET, VITRA, yellow laser, retinal laser,
glaucoma laser, dry eye diagnostic equipment, dry eye,
LACRY, LACRYDIAG, LACRYSTIM, doctor's workplace, surgical instruments,
slot lamp, FAKO, VITREKTOMIJA, pahimetrs, keratograph, Quantel Medical,
Heidelberg Engineering, Oertli, FRASTEMA, FREY, ALBOMED, INAMI, NIDEK,
ALLGAIER, MERAN, VOLK, lenses, SML, Sharit Lens, add-on lenses,
dressing, IOL, intraocular lenses, MEDICONTUR,
Ophteis, viscoelastic material, viscose, sodium hyaluronate,
capsule ring, capsule ring, eye surgery materials,
HEALAFLOW, HEALAVIS, SYNOLIS, intraarticular injections, hyaluronic acid injections with sorbitol, injection knee joints, APTISSEN,
PHYSIOMED, CHIRANA, BOSL, BOESL, lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy,
underwater massage bathtubs, sharko shower, circular shower, Vichy shower,
balneological bath, hip-bath, hand bath, foot bath, physical therapy equipment, magnetic therapy, vacuum massage, electrotherapy,
ultrasound, laser therapy, psoriasis treatment equipment,
deep-acting massage equipment, Flotation therapy, Flouting,
Salt pool, Ocean float room, ReOxy, hypoxia hyperoxia therapy,
breathing therapy, HASA-Optics, Hasa optics tools, disposable surgical instruments, CARTYLIS, collagen, joint renewal,
EASYSCAN, EASY SCAN fundus camera, HRT3 RCM, eye sonograph.