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Tanks and containers
Tanks and containers
Tanks and containers
Tanks and containers
Tanks and containers
Tanks and containers
Tanks and containers
Waste sorting
Tanks and containers
Tanks and containers
Waste processing

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Business data

  • EUR 1393571 / 2023
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  • Service provider, Producer, Distributor

Legal data

  1. 40203000965
  2. LV40203000965
  3. 15.06.2016
  4. 15.06.2016
  5. Bezdelīgu iela 5, Piņķi, Babītes pag., Mārupes nov., LV-2107

About us

"INESTA", founded in 2016. is a leading supplier of integrated waste management services and waste collection facilities. Our range of services includes complete solutions, waste management, waste collection consulting, as well as we are the leading distributors of waste collection equipment, in addition to offering our own range of high quality equipment.


Our clients

"INESTA" customers are usually municipal authorities, international energy producers, heat producers, as well as smaller local companies with waste collection, sorting, disposal and recycling requirements. We operate throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.



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underground waste containers, domestic waste, metal containers,
ash container, screw container, hook containers, lift dumpers,
combo containers, waste sorting containers, environmentally harmful containers,
bulky waste containers, baling equipment, Presses, balers,
Tanks, waste sorting, compactor, waste compactor, garbage machine, waste press, briquettes, Vertical presses, horizontal presses, Containers for scrap metal, scrap metal, glass sorting, glass sorting containers, sorting, textile containers, partial underground waste container, deposit system, waste for energy, shredder,
chip container, front loading container, Cardboard sealing machine, hydraulic press, press for the airport, waste pre-treatment,
waste incineration plant, 120 L container, 240 L container,
340 L container, 660 l container, 1100 l container, waste container dumping device, debris container, Pet bottles, Liquid drainer,
conveyors, briquette press, liquid separator, destruction of damaged products, destruction of discarded products.