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  2. 30.11.1994
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  4. 2020
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Professional kitchen equipment, Trade equipment, Cooling equipment,
Cold showcases, Freezer cabinets, Professional refrigerators, Cold chambers,
Freezing cameras, Cooling equipment, Freezer repair, Freezing equipment installation,
Refrigeration equipment maintenance, Refrigeration equipment maintenance,
Refrigeration equipment service, Refrigeration equipment repair,
Freon supplementing, Freon refilling, Freon, Refrigeration equipment repair,
Freezing equipment, Cold aggregates, Freezing chests, Refrigerating equipment,
Vertical refrigeration display cases, Horizontal refrigeration display cases,
Bakery display cases, Freezing chests, Medium and low temperature gondolas,
Freezer repair, Refrigeration equipment repair, Refrigeration equipment repair,
Cooling equipment installation, Air cooler, Cooling equipment installation,
Refrigeration equipment installation, Refrigeration equipment assembly,
Cooling equipment maintenance, Refrigeration equipment maintenance,
Refrigeration equipment maintenance, Cooling equipment service, Cooling equipment,
Cold service, Cold service, Coolingservice, Refrigeration, Refrigeration equipment,
Refrigeration equipment, Cooling equipment, Cooling equipment for stores,
Gastronomy showcases, Freezers, Freezer cabinets, Cold tables, Bar refrigerators,
Bar fridges, Refrigeration systems, Freezers, Refrigeration equipment repair,
Freezing equipment installation, Freezing equipment installation,
Air-conditioning, Conditioners, Conditioner, Conditioners, Conditioner,
Conditioner installation, Conditioner service, Air-conditioner repair,
Installation of conditioners, Sale of conditioners, Air-conditioner trade,
Shop equipment, Store counters, Bar counters, Shop equipment, Grocery store equipping,
Professional kitchen equipment, Trade equipment, Bar equipment, Cafe equipment,
Store equipment, Store shelves, Food industry machinery and equipment,
Heat showcases, Maintenance and trade equipment, Catering company equipment and supplies,
Stainless steel furniture, Restaurant furniture, Bar furniture, Dishwashing machines,
Industrial washing machines, Fast food equipment, Horizontal cold showcases,
Vertical cooling showcases, Bakery display cases, Refrigeration equipment spare parts,
Cooling chambers, Cooling chamber, Cooling equipment, Cooling systems,
Refrigerators, Refrigerators, Sandwich panels, Sandwich type panels,
Freon R-134a, R-22, R-404a, R-410a, R-407C, R-422d, Professional dishwashers,
Steel kitchen furniture, Professional appliances repair, Freezer repair,
Technological equipment for catering companies, for restaurants,
for cafes, for pizzerias, culinary, confectionery for workshops,
All for street trading, trailers, Trolleys, Folding bar counters,
Heating appliances, Ovens, Grills, Ovens, Professional equipment
for kitchens, restaurants, canteens, Professional mincing machines,
Meat grinders, Donut pan, Electric soup pots, Professional electric cookers,
Hot dog machine, Potato peeler, Refrigerators with glass doors, Serving carts,
Cooling showcases for flowers, Hot dog cooking apparatus, Equipment for pizzerias,
Furniture for bars and restaurants, Freezing cameras, Freezing units,
Cold exchange, Restaurant furniture, Industrial meat grinders, Belarusian meat grinders,
Catering establishment professional equipment, Catering business kitchen appliances,
Meat grinders for canteens, Unger, Valross, Dishwashing machines,
Scaffolding, Shockfreezers, Deep-fryers, Mechanical equipment, Showcases,
Professional kitchen design, Freezers, Refrigerators, Juicers, Coolers,
Mechanical mincing machines, Mixers, Coffee machines, Metal tables,
Cabinets, Food distribution lines, Kitchen hoods, Ice generators,
Grandus, Vegetables and plant processing equipment, Shelves, Wine cabinets,
Custom-production of non-standard structures (wood, metal), Electric and gas stoves,
Cooking surfaces, Deep fryers, Pasta boilers, Stationary cooking pots,
Turn over cooking pots, Turn over pans, Gas, Electric grills, Convection ovens,
Curing establishments, Microwave ovens (with grill, with convection)
Thermal cabinets, Valros, Salamandri, Induction cooking surfaces,
Medium temperature refrigeration cabinets, Low-temperature refrigeration cabinets,
Cold tables, Pizza tables, Freezing chests, Cold aggregates, split-systems,
cold monoblocks, Ice generators, Cold distribution counters, Professional kitchen tables,
Tables by dishwashers, Equipment pads, Scaffoldings, Shelves, Kitchen hoods,
Bar equipment, Distribution lines, Distribution lines, Vegetable processing equipment,
Vegetable washing equipment, Vegetables drying equipment, Vegetable cutters,
Potato peelers, Equipment for meat processing, Minced meat mixers,
Meat grinders, Gastroslicers, Slicers, Electro-mechanical equipment,
Trade counters, Hot show-cases, Neutral showcases, Stellages, Commercial trailers,
Trade trailers, Franko, Commercial mobile counters, Equipment for off-site trade,
Equipment for pizzerias, Equipment for confectionery, Equipment for bakeries,
Bakery ovens, Pizza ovens, Fermentation cabinets, Dough rollers,
Dough dividers, Dough mixers, Planetary mixers, FAST-FOOD equipment,
Donut making machine, Donut making equipment, Pancake makers, Hot-dog machines,
Toasters, Equipment for bars, Equipment for cafes, Equipment for restaurants,
all for bar or cafe equipping, Table trays, Juicers, Vitrum, Blenders,
Cocktail mixers, Ice crushers, electric pans, rice cooking equipment,
thermoses, Coffee machines, Coffee grinder, Water dispensers, Bar processors,
Infrared light lamps for food heating, Induction wok pans, Equipment for laundry washing,
Professional washing machines, Drying machines, Electric soup pots,
Ironing machines, Equipment for dish washing, Glass washers, ROSTUL,
Professional dishwashers, Dome dishwashers, Frontal dishwashers,
Kitchen utensils, Designing, Assembly, Warehouse equipment, Stands,
Equipment for shops, Shelves, Gastronomy equipment, Stationary refrigeration chambers,
Doughnut making machines, Pancake baking machines, Donut making machines,
Electrical equipment for restaurants, Electric equipment for canteens,
Ventilation, air-conditioner system repair, Unis ko, Air conditioning system maintenance,
Conditioner system service, Conditioning systems, Car refrigerator
and refrigeration equipment service, Equipment for laundries, Technical maintenance,
Delivery of spare parts, Repair, Service, Bar design, Restaurant design,
Kitchen designing, Public catering establishment design, Bar work organization,
Professional kitchen design, Professional kitchen design, ZANUSSI,
Zanussi Profesional, ELECTROLUX, Electrolux Professional, Modular,
Abat, Master Grill, Bartscher, Cold, Dito Sama, Fama, Kitchen Aid,
Pedrali, Tefcold, UNOX, UNIS, Robot coupe, Барановичи,
Fama, Fagor, Liebherr, Hendi.