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Hidronit hydrostation
Intest LNK laboratory
MOOG 661
MOOG servo valve
Supply MOOG proportion valve


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Business data

  • EUR 90005 / 2023
  • 3
  • Estonia, Lithuania, Russian Federation
  • Exporter, Distributor, Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40103692437
  2. LV40103692437
  3. "Luminor Bank", AS
  4. LV24RIKO0002930253758
  5. 19.07.2013
  6. 19.07.2013

About the company

LTD "AVIATEST" implements hydraulic equipment supply contracts for the markets of the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Delivers products of the MOOG company - servo-electrical and servo-hydraulic systems to the market of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The laboratory AVIATEST is equipped with all the necessary equipment of the MOOG company and performs maintenance, regular repairs and overhauls of servo- and proportional valves( with mechanical and electronic feedback) with use spare part and technology MOOG.



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