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  2. 20.01.2004
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  4. 2019
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Air conditioning equipment; Ventilation system installation, technical
maintenance and repair. Conditioners, ventilation, BMS, automatics,
freezing, air-conditioning, (conditioners) ventilation and heating system,
food technology trade, designing, installation, service, systems.
Engineering communication construction and installation. Production
of ventilation materials. Construction works, sewerage and water supply system creation.
Freezing equipment, conditioners, designing, heating, REGIN, BMS management systems,
ventilation, automation, service, CORRIGO, ice generators SCOTSMAN for industrial,
and bar needs, BMS control heat pumps, REGIN, (smart home). Conditioners,
Ventilation, Air conditioning equipment, conditioners. ventilation systems,
production of ventilation materials, ventilation, heating system,
heating systems, heating. REGIN, heating pumps. food technology trade,
food technology design, equipment design, equipment installation,
service, engineering communication construction and installation,
freezing equipment, freezing, ice generators SCOTSMAN, Scotsman.
ice generators, ice generators for factories, ice generators for bars,
construction works, sewerage and water supply system creation, engineering
communications, designing, BMS management systems, automation, CORRIGO,
all over Latvia. ELECTROLUX conditioners, Electrolux wholesale, Boll,
ELECTROLUX, boilers, humidifiers, REGIN.