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  • EUR 1101728 / 2022
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  5. Meistaru iela 6, Drusti, Drustu pag., Smiltenes nov., LV-4132

Company Ltd "JAGUAR" will come to help you in your work!

We deal with:

  • For construction and assembly works;
  • For roof assembly works
  • For dismantling of buildings / dismantling of internal works;
  • Property management;
  • Logging / cutting of dangerous trees;
  • With works at height;
  • Area cleaning;
  • For welding works;
  • Installation of heating boilers;
  • Cutting the grass;
  • Cleaning snow from roofs;
  • We provide various auxiliary works in your company, facility, territory or farm!
  • We provide services with our own equipment and tools. We work all over Latvia and we also consider offers for work abroad.



Construction, Construction works, Construction, Construction works, Assembly, Construction of houses, Restoration works, Repair works, Roof melting, Bituminous felt roofs, Roof installation, Building demolition, House dismantling, Non-standard disassembly, Large-scale dismantling, Dismantling of internal works, Disposal of construction waste, Debris removal, Logging, Wood chipping, Branch collection, Deforestation, Uprooting, Removal of dangerous trees, Arborist, Arborism, Young stand care, Mountain climbing, Works at height, Territory cleaning, Uprooting of stumps, Collection of tree leaves, Disposal of tree leaves, Waste collection, Territory cleaning, Welding, Heating boilers, Dismantling of heating boilers, Lawn mowing, Mowing artractor, Mowing with a robot, Mowing in hard-to-reach places, Roof cleaning from snow, Icicle removal, Cleaning sloped roofs from snow, industrial climbing, Auxiliary works, Auxiliary workers, Carrying out auxiliary work.