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Veterinary clinic
Everything for your pet
Zoo shop in Cesis
Veterinary clinic in Cesis
animal food
animal food
zoo shop in Cesis


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Working time

  • Sun-
  • Mon900-1730
  • Tue900-1730
  • Wed900-1730
  • Thu900-1730
  • Fri900-1730
  • Sat900-1400

Business data

  • EUR 157 124 / 2020
  • 3

Legal data

  1. 44103106456
  2. LV44103106456
  3. 13.05.2016
  4. Caunas iela 6A – 33, Cēsis, Cēsu nov., LV-4101
  5. 2021

About clinic

"Tedijs", veterinary clinic, zoo, SIA "Janas veterinary practice", veterinarian, veterinarian, veterinary clinic, laboratory examinations for animals, veterinarians in Cēsis. Animal clinic. Veterinary, microchips, animal surgery in Cesis. Zoo shop, animal food, pet goods, pets in Cesis, Uzvaras boulevard, Cesis region, Priekuli, Limbazi, Vidzeme, Valmiera.



  • animal therapy
  • surgery
  • sterilization
  • castration
  • vaccination
  • chipping
  • prophylaxis
  • consultation
  • animal feed, accessories, care products
  • laboratory tests



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