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  • EUR 522500 / 2022
  • 9

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  1. 43603058290
  2. LV43603058290
  3. 08.03.2013
  4. 08.03.2013
  5. Rīgas iela 18 – 38, Ozolnieki, Ozolnieku pag., Jelgavas nov., LV-3018


We develop projects from idea to realization. More than 100 houses, a church, 10 hangars, 15 excellent saunas and several summer houses have been built. We cooperate with large companies. The works are completed quickly and qualitatively, within the agreed time, solutions are sought for the wishes of each customer. We invite cooperation!



construction, construction, full-cycle construction, modular homes, foundation construction, bath-house construction, engineering communication construction, building assembly, finishing works, interior finish, flooring works, wall painting, puttying, tiling, door insertion, laying the ceiling, wallpaper gluing, plumbing works, waterproofing works, paving, improvement works, sewerage installation, installation of water pipe, electric installation, concreting the foundation of the building, roof works, advice on construction.