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  5. 15.01.2002
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Metal articles

LTD "JMJ Tirdzniecības Grupa" is one of the leading companies in its sector. The company has been engaged in the wholesale trade of metal products since 2002. The company offers such materials as: welded metal platform gratings, pressed metal platform gratings, profiled gratings, stair treads, ladders, carved meshes, braided meshes, welded meshes, panel fences, perforated sheets, corrugated sheets and road barriers.
Our advantages are - a wide range of stock, fast deliveries and competitive prices not only in Latvia. Our accumulated experience and professional knowledge allow us to provide this professional service and competitive price policy. Every company that strives to achieve the highest quality of its final product at the best price is familiar with the products we offer.
Every customer will always be welcome at our office and warehouse - Krustpils street 6, Riga.



Black, galvanized, aluminium, stainless steel. Metal articles, Platform gratings, gratings, stair steps, industrial stairs, Cut, pulled, braided mesh, Perforated, corrugated, riffled sheets, Perforation, Direct deliveries: road barriers, pile planking, Fences, fences, Grating, panel fences, Gabions, agricultural fence, technical textiles, welded platform gratings, pressed platform gratings, profiled platform gratings, stair steps SP, spiral staircase, sieves, perforated sheets, fencing sections, corrugated sheets