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Business data

  • EUR 1338731 / 2022
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Legal data

  1. 44101023446
  2. LV44101023446
  3. 07.06.1996
  4. 07.06.1996
  5. "Kalnpierbes", Ērģemes pag., Valkas nov., LV-4711

About us:

"Kalnpierbes", ZS offers livestock purchase and meat sales. Slaughterhouse services. Provision of services - Vidzeme.



Livestock purchase, slaughterhouse, organic slaughterhouse, cattle slaughter,
slaughterhouse services, "Pentsils". Kalnpierbes, Meat, meat products,
recycling, trade, wholesale. Meat trade. fresh meat, fresh sheepmeat,
fresh beef, fresh beef, fresh veal, meat carcasses, carcasses, game buying,
cattle buying up, animals, Cattle purchase, stockpiling live stock,
cattle in liveweight, purchase of newlyweds in live weight, buying horses in live weight,
live bovine animal purchase, purchase of sheep, lambs purchase in liveweight,
beef cattle purchase.