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Electric traction sheave.
Electric traction wheel Paralympic.
Spinal orthosis.
Panthera wheelchair.
Anti-bedsore pillow.
Anti-bedsore pillow Vicair.
Folding ramp.
Sports wheelchair.
Sports wheelchair RGK
Vertical wheelchair.


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  3. 06.08.1991
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  5. 2021


Company "Kanins" was established in 1991. has been engaged in the sale of technical aids, the sale of medical supplies, the distribution of teaching aids and the repair and maintenance of technical aids for many years. We offer customers various types of wheelchairs with high functionality, which are suitable for both adults and children. In our store you can also buy self-care products - support handles, bath boards, toilet elevations, anti-sleep pillows. For both movement and visually impaired people, we offer occupational therapist consultations to select the most appropriate aids and equipment and to help provide accessible and comfortable accommodation for the disabled. Our range also includes medical teaching aids, including anatomical posters, mugs and mannequins.



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