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Business data

  • EUR 3741560 / 2019
  • EUR 1142857 / 2007
  • 40
  • Central/East Europe, West Europe
  • Norway
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Legal data

  1. 48503008994
  2. LV48503008994
  3. 12.11.2002
  4. Saldus nov., Brocēni, Rūpnīcas iela 2, LV-3851
  5. 2020


Ltd. Karlsberg produces advertising and representation materials and packaging. We use aluminum, organic glass, leather, textile, plastic, cardboard, paper, etc. for the production of product packaging. materials. High quality printing equipment, innovations in production and professional staff ensure that we are competitive in the advertising packaging production market both in Latvia and abroad. Our 3D graphic designers ensure the development and adaptation of graphic visualizations of products to individual customer requirements and needs. Since March 2021, Ltd. Karlsberg has an FSC certificate (reg. Code: NC-COC-064636). FSC certification ensures that products originate from well-managed forests that provide social, environmental and economic benefits. The company's history and traditions date back to 1954, in Norway. Scandinavian quality standards, Latvia's skilled workforce and innovations in production facilities ensure the attraction of customers from all over the world. 


Stationery supplies, shirt printing, photo print, clock with logo,
mug printing, advertising production, stickers, advertising agencies,
advertising materials, advertising stands, digital large format printing,
silkscreen services, 3D print, CNC cutting (wood, acrylic, glass,
composite materials) photo printing, advertisement, pen printing,
imprinted umbrellas, packaging design, car stickers, pens with logos,
advertising flags, business gifts, photo wallpaper, stands, advertising on the Internet,
banner, adhesive film print, graphic design, cups with printing,
advertising design, advertising souvenirs, advertising posters, fabric printing,
adhesive films, reflectors with logo, campaign booklets, folder,
folder with individual design, PVC folders, folder sewing, filer,
PVC pocket making, PVC pocket production, outdoor advertising production,
individual advertising orders, individual advertising solutions,
individual advertisement design, order materials, advertising sets,
PET materials, PMMA materials, bending, material samples, folders,
folders, product presentation, presentation, presentation of samples,
individual project orders, separators, dividers, binders, work folders for offices,
registry files, graphic works, Creation of Web pages, WEB pages,
home page creation, gift bags, gift boxes, gift boxes, vacuum folder,
vacuum folder, unilateral templates, bilateral templates, vacuum templates,
material samples. frosted, glossy, Soft touch, laminated, hot press,
screen printing, transfer, hotemboss, silkscreen services, printing services,
sample folders, silk screen printing services Saldus, packaging decorative boxes,
stationery, office goods, office supplies, office supplies, folders for documents,
office supplies, document folders, packaging, home page development,
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paper, banner making, bag printing, print works, exhibition stands,
printing services, printing, banner printing, advertising banners,
booklet making. Store Displays, SIGN DISPLAY, wooden boxes, wooden frames,
decorative box products. Presentation material. Stickers. Personalized
advertising packaging. FSC certification. FSC certified paper. FSC certificate.