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Water technology center in Riga
Water deironing and softening filters
Water treatment equipment
Water ultrafiltration equipment
Consulting of water supply engineers
Automatic water treatment complexes
Water treatment equipment
Water analysis in Riga
Water technology center Karme filter in Riga
Water filters in Riga


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  • Working hours on holidays: 21.12. from 8.00-17.00, 22.12.-02.01.- FREE, 03.01. from 8.00-17.00. Our office will be closed from December 22, 2023 to January 2, 2024.

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  • West Europe
  • Lithuania, Russian Federation
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  3. "Luminor Bank", AS
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  5. 15.11.1994
  6. 04.07.2003

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About "Karme Filtrs" :

"Karme Filtrs" is a coordinated team of professionals with extensive practical experience in consulting, as well as in the design, manufacture and operation of water treatment and water conditioning equipment. We consider it our professional honor to provide an excellent level of service to our customers, to find the combination of technology, capital investment and operating expenses that will most effectively solve the customer's technical tasks. In every project, it is important for us to accurately assess the quality and productivity of the equipment required by the customer. We consider accurate basic calculations to be a decisive factor, as they make it possible to ensure the accumulation of purified water at the required level. To achieve this goal, we perform water balance dynamics calculations, count water consumption per hour, determine the required water quality level and quantity according to the specifics of technological water, as well as provide maintenance during the operation of the equipment.


"Karme Filtrs" services:

  • Water treatment equipment, consumables( filter materials, reagents, chemicals) and delivery of spare parts;
  • Installation, adjustment and start-up of the equipment;
  • Service, warranty and post-warranty repair;
  • Water analysis;



We serve such places as beverage production, food factories, dairy factory, residential houses, municipal facilities and woodworking.


Water filters, water analysis, water treatment, water treatment. Engineering solutions, consultations, production, service, water analysis. Automatic water treatment complexes: iron removal and softening water filters, reverse osmosis equipment, ( RO) ultrafiltration, ( UF) and water recycling. Electrode ionizer, ( EDI) . Degassing columns and gas membranes. Nanofiltration equipment. Chemicals for Nalco boiler and cooling water treatment. Water filter sale, factory, food production, design of water treatment and water conditioning equipment.