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  2. LV40203044692
  3. 19.01.2017
  4. Aplokciema iela 1, Rīga, LV-1034


Heat insulation, cold insulation, sound-proofing, insulation materials,
manufacture of insulating materials, trade, wall, roof, floor,
pipe insulation, heat insulation, insulation of storage tanks,
sound insulation of ventilation equipment, ventilation duct insulation materials, heating appliances insulating materials,
fireproof materials, fireproof tapes, fire-resistant couplings,
fireproof sealants, fireproof silicone, fireproof acrylic,
fireproof cement - gypsum material, mortar mixture, fireproof panels,
solar insulation, thermal insulation, insulation of solar systems,
water pipe insulation, anti-condensate insulation, polyethylene insulation,
PE insulation, pipe fittings, sound insulation of sewer pipes, anti-vibration insulation, sound recording studio insulation material, acoustic insulation, rubber insulation,
insulation for aggressive environments, ultra violet ray resistant insulation,
seawater resistant insulation, aluminum adhesive tape, reinforced aluminum adhesive tape,
sound-insulating insulation.