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Accountancy services
Payroll calculations and personnel accounting
Tax consulting and legal services
Kipu accounting
Kipu accounting services
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  5. Miera iela 97 – 32, Rīga, LV-1013

We provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs in the following areas: accounting, taxes, commercial Law, virtual office. Professional and reliable services at a friendly price.

What are we doing?

"Kipu" offers a wide range of services - from company establishment and accounting to liquidation. The most requested services by our customers are:

  • full cycle accounting service;
  • salary calculation and personnel accounting;
  • preparation of annual reports;
  • tax consultations;
  • registration and liquidation of legal persons;
  • preparation of amendments to the founding documents;
  • elaboration and legal analysis of all types of contracts, agreements and other legal documents necessary for the performance of the company's activities;
  • legal support in employment relations;
  • representation of the client's interests in communication with the State Revenue Service and other state institutions, establishments and organizations.


Who we are?

Young, bold, enterprising and open, but also professional, experienced and innovative - we are definitely not beginners! By providing the necessary specialists in one place, we can achieve and offer more. That's why customers have been entrusting us with their business processes for more than a decade. Experience, competence and quality are our investment in your business, but passion and creativity - the added value of our service.


How to meet us?

If you want to learn more and become a "Kipu" customer, call 67 338 999 or send a message on our website! We will contact you, tell you about cooperation opportunities and choose the most optimal for your business.

License for outsourcing accountant activity no. AGL0001188



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