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Clinic Dzintari. Vegetative dystonia, depression, stress, burnout syndrome treatment
Clinic Dzintari, psychiatrist. Vegetative dystonia, depression, stress, burnout syndrome treatment
Clinic Dzintari, beauty care. Vegetative dystonia, depression, stress, burnout syndrome treatment
Clinic Dzintari, massage. Vegetative dystonia, depression, stress, burnout syndrome treatment
Clinic Dzintari, rest. Vegetative dystonia, depression, stress, burnout syndrome treatment
Clinic Dzintari, admission department. Vegetative dystonia, depression, stress, burnout syndrome treatment


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About "Clinic Dzintari"

"Klīnika Dzintari" is a private clinic in Melluži. For more than twenty years, we have been helping our clients find the emotional reasons that have caused restlessness and anxiety in a healthy person. Here, clients in crisis have the opportunity to regain peace, courage and strength to fight the causes of problems, as well as to eliminate them. With us, every client can receive professional psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and psychological help. Treatment takes place in a pleasant environment under the supervision of professional specialists. The clinic's specialists will promote your physical and emotional well-being through intensive, balanced therapy tailored to your needs. If you have vegetative dystonia, depression, burnout syndrome, increased stress, we offer treatment programs.


Treatment steps in "Dzintari Clinic":

    Registration on a first-come, first-served basis( phone. +37167754811) or paid program( phone. +37129549983), or by e-mail:, You will be contacted to schedule an appointment date and time to come to the clinic, taking your referral with you( for the state program to "Klīniku Dzintari" ), identity document. If you will need an overnight stay, please inform the clinic about it in time so that we can make a reservation in the cooperation hotel of your choice. On the day of admission, you must come to the clinic's reception desk at the specified time. The relevant documents for the planned program will be completed at the reception. The client receives the first doctor's consultation, where everything necessary for successful treatment is prescribed. An individual schedule is developed for the client, according to which the client is guided during the subsequent treatment. The duration of the treatment course in paid programs is 5 days, in the state program from1 to 4 weeks. If necessary, a DNL is drawn up( disability page) . After the end of the treatment course, it is possible to visit all specialists at outpatient clinics.


During your stay in "Klinika Dzintari" you are provided:

    The opportunity to receive individual specialist consultations focused on your needs and results; versatile psychotherapeutic approach - movement and dance therapy, thematic groups, visual plastic art therapy, consciousness activation training, drama therapy, body relaxation in a group, EMDR trauma processing therapy, psychodiagnostics; The possibility to perform massage and beauty treatments, to attend medical gymnastics, stretching( stretching) and clubbing lessons to restore physical strength, as well as individual consultations and lessons of physiotherapists; rest in comfortable hotel rooms "Daina Jurmala Beach Hotel & SPA" or "Alba", as well as changing the usual environment and the natural energy of the sea.



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