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External hard drives
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Stationary computers
Portable computers


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Legal data

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  2. LV50003479381
  3. 07.02.2000
  4. 22.07.2004
  5. Laidzes iela 18, Talsi, Talsu nov., LV-3201


"KOMTE" LTD on the Latvian market since 2000. annual! We deal with: sale of computers and their components; trading of peripheral devices and various raw materials; refilling printer toners; hardware warranties and post-warranty repairs. Trade of communication equipment and funds, etc. sale of electrical goods in an online store.



  • Stationary computers
  • Portable computers
  • Computer repair
  • Computer components
  • NUC computers
  • Smartphones and their accessories
  • Data carriers
  • Game consoles
  • Audio equipment
  • TV and commercial displays
  • Gaming monitors
  • Computer accessories
  • Projectors
  • Office supplies
  • Computer peripherals
  • Household appliances
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Network products



Computers, monitors, printers, faxes, multifunction printers, label printers, routers, router, switches, commutators, routers, antennas. Hard drives, HDD, SDD, CD-ROM, DVD, drive readers, rAM, RAM, DDRAM, DIMM, motherboards, MB, computer cases, case, power packs, PSU, video cards, VGA, Processors, CPU, CD, DVD discs, matrix usb flash memory, flash memories. SD cards, MicroSD, Cables., USB, VGA, SCART, Composit video, RCA, Network cables, RJ45, Computer headsets, headphones, loudspeakers, speakers, speakers, keyboards, keyboards, mouse, computer mouse, mouse, steering wheels, gamepad, web cameras, Computer speakers, Speaker, Printer raw materials, inks, toners. CANON, Hewlett Packard, HP, Minolta, Epson, Brother. Computer bags, disc wallets. Photo paper. Office paper. A4 paper, A3 paper, Folders, document folders, document pockets. Stationery. Batteries, battery chargers. Decoders. Triatel Internet. Accounting software, Jumis trade, service, service. Computer service, repair, service. Cleaners for monitors, compressed air, thermo-paste, Antivirus programs. Whiteboards, cork board, whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, document cameras, projectors, screens, portable computers, computer components, external HDD, Microsoft, Tilde, Office, Antivirus, UPS, Windows, Office. Led monitors, displays, projectors, components, software, data storage, multifunction equipment, network products, accessories, phones, office goods, cables, sewing machines, game consoles, photo, video, optics. Phones, accessories, smart devices, kitchen equipment, household appliances.