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Coral Bright toothpaste
Colo vada light
Vitamin D
Coral detox kit
Daily delicious cocktails
Chewable gels for children
Coral mine
Hydramax kit
Liposomal curcumin
Immunity Kit
Lipostick fit
Emu Fat Oil
Memo prime for memory
B group vitamins
Parashield plus


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About the company

International company Coral Club has been offering biologically active supplements or nutritional supplements, cosmetics and ecological household chemicals for more than 25 years. They are produced using the most modern technologies only from the highest quality natural raw materials in certified factories that comply with the strictest conditions of industry regulation and product quality control - GMP( Good Manufacturing Practice System Certificate) . Coral Club products have been developed by such Nobel laureates as Clinton Howard( discoveries of properties of aloe), Christopher Hill( discoveries of properties of spirulina), Albert Seer( doctor of nutritional science, the most effective deep cleansing systems for the whole body "ColoVada Plus" and author of restorative and cellular nutrition products dedicated to the preservation of human health.



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