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  1. 40003400839
  2. 07.07.1998
  3. Rīga, Ģertrūdes iela 10-3, LV-1010
  4. 2018
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Cargoes, transport, road transport services. Transport shipments,
domestic and international freight transport by road transport. Motor
transport cargo transportation. Road transport services, Logistics.
Road transport. Small cargoes. Composite cargo. Groupage, small,
dangerous import and export cargo transportation to and from Europe
and Scandinavia. Air transport, air transport, (air, air) transportation,
air transport, road freight transport "door to door" in whole world.
Urgent cargoes. Dangerous cargoes, valuables, sea, (sea) transport:
container transport. Countries to/from which we provide transportation:
The Far East, China, America, (ASV) etc.. Warehousing. Warehouses,
instrument, cargo warehouses. Warehouse in freeport, freeport. Customs
warehouse services. Customs brokers: Customs procedure consultations.
Sea containers, refrigerator containers. Containers for rent, trade.
Freeport of Riga.