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  • EUR 258374 / 2018
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Legal data

  1. 52103051931
  2. LV52103051931
  3. Liepāja, Oskara Kalpaka iela 107-12, LV-3405
  4. 2018
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KRISTAL - Underwear manufacturing company. Offering lingerie collections and a wide range of manufacturing services. The latest technology and individual approach to each partner / client, allows you to produce successful, up-to-date collections. 


Kristal. Kristal Lingeria in Liepaja. Production. Workshop. Design development.
Design services, designer services. Construction, production, development,
creating a collection, creating collections. Brendi, for brands,
creating collections for brands. Latvia, Latvia, Baltics, lingerie
production plant in Baltics, lingerie from the Baltics, lingerie factory in Latvia,
lingerie production in the Baltics. Latvian lingerie manufacturers.
Brand in Liepaja. Collection, collections. Made in Latvia, made in EU,
Made in Europe. Liepaja linen manufacturers. Bras, bra, everyday linen,
corsetry, panties, women's underpants, invisible underwear, big size bras.

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