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Metal processing
Metal processing
Metal processing
Metal processing
Metal processing
Metal processing


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  • EUR 81745 / 2022
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Legal data

  1. 42103028312
  2. LV42103028312
  3. 18.01.2002
  4. 29.05.2003
  5. Celtnieku iela 3, Liepāja, LV-3401


Metalworking company Ltd "Kuģu inženieris" - we can cut almost anything that can be depicted in the drawing - any material, any contour, any size, any quantity. We offer sheet material hydroabrasive cutting services using "BOHLE" equipment. All types of welding, milling, turning services.


Metal processing, metal articles, WATERCUT.LV, ship engineer, hydroabrasive cutting of sheet materials, ship technical supply. Welding, turning, milling, MIG/MAG, TIG, black metal, stainless steel, aluminium welding. Water cutting, hydroabrasive jet cutting, rolling, sawing, surface treatment - grinding, polishing. Water cutting. Metal building structures
, building structure manufacture, upon request, upon order. Metal articles, cutting.
Certified welding works. Metalworking company. Metal company. Metalworking in Liepaja. Metalworking in Kurzeme. Metālmeistars. Metalworking companies. Liepaja, Kurzeme, welder, welding, milling, CNC.