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Deep well drilling in Kurzeme
Deep well drilling in Kurzeme


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  4. "Zemīši", Pērkone, Nīcas pag., Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-3473
  5. 2020

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LTD "Kurzemes Dzilurbums" - Professionals with a sense of responsibility!

We provide an individual approach to our clients, adjusting the scope and costs of services to your wishes and financial capabilities.

Our services:

  • Borehole well drilling;
  • Well cleaning( re-pumping),
  • Borehole liquidation( tamponage),
  • Exhibition of submersible pumps,
  • Drilling of geothermal wells,
  • Heat pump installation,
  • Water supply installation,
  • Sewerage installation,
  • Plumbing work conducting.

All our offered work designing and execution of the necessary documents.



Borehole well drilling, borehole wells, well, boreholes. Artesian wells.
Well cleaning, (re-pumping). Borehole liquidation, (tamponage). Borehole
pump installation. Geothermal well drilling. Installation of heat pumps.
Installation of water pipe. Sewerage installation. Plumbing work conducting,
plumbing works. Water analysis supply. Geodetic research. Designing
all the works we offer and processing the necessary documents. We do works in Kurzeme.
Borehole. Well drilling, borehole, boreholes, Water supply. Water supply.
Boreholes, borehole, establishment of borehole, well drilling, geothermal drills,
bore, borehole design, repair, restoration, renovation. Artesian wells.
Restore boreholes. Location of water place. We also bore tamponage,
(termonage) or liquidation, (liquidation). Water pump and filter installation,
water supply in your home. Water pumps, certified water pump master.
Water analysis. Water supply, water-supply systems, purification equipment,
geological research, geology, soil and groundwater analysis. Geological
and geotechnical consulting. Well passports and licenses establishment.
Water chemical composition in certified laboratory. We work all over Latvia,
all year round. Artesian well boring, drilling works, well construction,
drillhole liquidation tamponage, heating pumps, borehole liquidation,
artesian wells, boreholes, borehole repair, purification, drillhole liquidation,
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Geothermy, Heating pumps, Water wire disinfection, well drilling.