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Business data

  • EUR 124194 / 2018
  • 12
  • Producer

Legal data

  1. 42103055132
  2. LV42103055132
  3. Liepāja, Tirgoņu iela 22-5, LV-3401
  4. 2019
  5. 2


La Coquette Lingerie. Lingerie, underwear, swim-suits, tanning suits,
beachwear, nightwear, negligees, nightgowns, robes, pajamas, night shorts,
home clothes, nightwear, comfortable nightwear, sexy night lingerie.
Clothes for sleeping, warm nightwear. One piece swimsuit, two piece swimsuit.
JAUNA KOLEKCIJA, creating collections. Baltics, Baltic lingerie,
lingerie from Baltic, lingerie production plant in Baltics, lingerie
manufacturers in the Baltics, underwear, Baltic women's lingerie,
women's underwear from Baltics, lingerie from Latvia, Lingerie produced in Latvia,
Latvian lingerie manufacturers, brand, brendi, underwear trends,
modern linen, convenience, classic, everyday, modern lingerie, comfort,
linen for everyday life, classic linen, classic lingerie, linen for every day,
collection, collections, made in Latvia, made in EU, made in Europe,
LINGERIE, smooth bras, smooth bra, body color, bra in body color,
body color lingerie, lace bras, bra in lace, lace bra, color bra,
colored bras, bras with removable straps, bra with removable straps,
chest size, bra sizes, bra, underpants, panties, women's underpants,
panties, women's underwear for everyday life, corset lingerie, corset panties,
corset pants, invisible underwear, underwear, that doesn't squeeze out,
bra without hoops, bras without frame, ligerie for weddings, wedding lingerie,
inexpensive linen, cheap linen, good prices, qualitative linen, padded bras,
beautiful bra with padding, fine bras, small size bras, big cups,
smooth cups, beautiful lace, lace lingerie, beautiful lace bras,
thin foam rubber, lingerie form, cotton lining, beautiful lingerie with cotton lining,
lingerie with cotton lining, cotton lining, bra PUSH-UP, push up bras,
bra for any clothes, invisible bra, Tanga, Tangas underpants, underpants Tanga,
decollete, decollete correction, real push-up, beautiful decollete,
lifted decollete, beautiful shape, panties, detachable straps, removable straps,
hanging straps, wide straps, comfortable straps, wide and comfortable straps,
hooks in 3 rows, double in 3 rows, lingerie for winter, insulated underwear,
brassiere for cold weather, white, black, body color, white, black,
body color, white ligerie, black lingerie, body color lingerie, sports lingerie,
underwear for sports, lingerie for youngsters, youth lingerie, young girl,
lingerie for ladies, lingerie, underwear for ladies, modern lingerie.
Modern lingerie, top, top, lingerie for nursing mothers, lingerie for new mothers,
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back with laces, bra with bare back part, underwear exhibitions,
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famous brands, brands in lingerie production, Latvia, Latvia, Liepaja,

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