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Hearing specialists

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A certified hearing clinic, where a team of hearing specialists is always ready to provide high-quality services to help everyone improve their hearing, find more suitable hearing aids and answer all hearing questions. Using modern equipment, it is possible to perform various types of hearing tests at the Labākas Dzirdes Centrs: videotoscopy, audiometry, speech audiometry, tympanometry, acoustic reflex test. At the hearing center, you will have the opportunity to consult with a specialist about your hearing condition.
During the consultation, the hearing specialist will conduct a detailed analysis of your hearing condition, tell you about the causes of hearing loss, explain how hearing can be improved in your case, find a solution to improve hearing, if the test results show that you are recommended to use hearing aids. After a detailed diagnosis and analysis of the hearing condition, audiologists individually develop a gradual hearing improvement program for each patient, which includes the selection and adjustment of hearing aids, a program of adaptation to new aids, a program of additional visits for adjustment and technical examination.

To protect your hearing, you can order the following types of hearing protection at the Labākas Dzirdes Centrs: individual earplugs for sleeping, individual earplugs for working in noise, individual earplugs for swimming, individual earplugs for concerts with filters.



  • Diagnosis and assessment of hearing condition
  • Hearing specialist consultation
  • Hearing rehabilitation program
  • Individual fitting and fitting of hearing aids
  • Service and care of hearing aids
  • Technical inspection and repair of hearing aids
  • Hearing protection: individual earplugs for swimming, individual earplugs for noise protection, individual earplugs for musicians



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