Prosperity gardens, LTD, garden center, consultations, how to start a happy life in the countryside

Prosperity gardens, LTD, garden center, consultations, how to start a happy life in the countryside

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Garden center

One of the largest offers of seedlings in Latvia. Most of the seedlings are grown in our nursery "Zaļenieku kokaudzētava" ( .

Garden Center "Labklājības dārzi" in assortment: trees of various sizes, flowering shrubs, thuja, hedge plants, fruit trees, berry trees, apple trees, apricots, cherries, bilberries, dogwoods, hydrangeas, magnolias, spireas, junipers, sakura. Different varieties of perennials and summer flowers. Seedlings of roses, strawberries, raspberries, spruces, lilacs, grapes, fruit trees and many other plants. We provide advice from our professionals who are passionate about gardening. Plant rental - we offer to use our plants for the decorations of your holiday or other event. We plant plants in your flower pots, boxes, create beautiful compositions.


Consultations, how to start a happy life in the countryside

We specialize in creating and furnishing a living environment in the countryside. We advise on the improvement and greening of rural areas. We offer consultations and direct participation in the process from the idea of living in the countryside to environmental planning, design and starting to furnish. We help people( also without prior knowledge) create a step-by-step plan to successfully move from the city to a happy life in the countryside, and then implement that plan.



  • Seedling trade
  • Rental of plants
  • Greening of terraces and balconies
  • Creation of compositions in flower pots and boxes
  • Horticulture lectures
  • Advice on how to start a happy life in the countryside
  • Consultations in rural area planning and design
  • Consultations in the improvement and greening of rural areas
  • Rural environment, landscape analysis
  • Pre-acquisition evaluation of rural property - factual and legal examination



Seedling trade, plant trade, decorative plants, buy seedlings, buy plants, plant delivery, greening of terraces and balconies, creation of compositions in flower pots and boxes, high quality fruit tree seedlings and shrubs, the best varieties of fruit trees - apples, column apples, pear trees, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries, sweet cherries, walnut trees, edible mountain ash, currants, hedges, Hydrangea seedlings grown in Latvia, magnolia, rhododendrons, forsythia, spiraea, weigel, ornamental shrubs, which is expressive with its flowers, gorgeous foliage or ornamental branches in winter, Used for hedges, and garden beds, as well as for soliter plants, forsythia, ninebark, cotoneaster, mosanos abelia, japanese keria, philadelphia, jasmines and other beautiful shrubs for the garden, various deciduous trees - decorative apple trees, maple, birches, oaks, beeches, lindens and various other trees, we offer various types of coniferous trees and shrubs - spruces, pine, junipers, thuyas, perennials, hostas, heuchera, grass, peat, substrate and black soil for planting in the garden, at home, and flower pots, fertilizers, promoters of root growth and plant immunity, tools for garden work - brush cutters, branch cutters, pruning shears for large branches, scissor sharpeners, root removers and shovels, design items, greening of terraces, plant rental, rental of plants, garden on the terrace, greening of balconies, beautification and greening of rural areas, territory and territory planning and design, property inspection before purchase, land inspection before purchase, pre-purchase property evaluation, moving from the city to the countryside, starting a happy life in the countryside, landscaping advice, consulting in landscaping, horticulture lectures, rural environmental analysis, landscape analysis.