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Natural cosmetics
Eco cosmetics
Allergen-free cosmetics
Natural day cream
In Latvian produced products
Youth cream
Anti-rosacea cream
Cream for rosacea and acne
Nourishing cosmetics
Dermatologically tested cosmetics
Micellar water and tonic
Micellar water
Night cream
Peeling mask
Facial skin serum
Milk for cleansing the face
Facial cleanser with sapropel
Serum for acne-prone skin
Light bb cream

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  5. 01.10.2018
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"LABRAINS" is a natural dermocosmetics produced in Latvia, which is specially created for people with sensitive, irritated, dry, as well as normal facial skin. We produce health-safe, allergen-free cosmetics developed according to the latest scientific research. LABRAINS products are designed for different age groups and facial skin problems.



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