Legal data

  1. 49003002429
  2. LV49003002429
  3. 14.07.1993
  4. 20.09.2007
  5. Celtnieku iela 27A, Talsi, Talsu nov., LV-3201


Mechanical engineering, Hydroabrasive cutting, Water cutting, water cutting. Stone Sheet Cutting, Designing, Prototyping, Production equipment manufacturing, Building structure manufacture, Metal building structures
, Metal constructions, Gates, Fences, Stairs, Metal benches, Products made of stainless steel, Food industry equipment, Food production equipment, Distillation, Stainless steel trough, Troughs, Agriculture equipment, Agricultural equipment, Metal equipment repair, Non-standard metal constructions production,
Decorative products manufacturing, Metal cutting, Stone cutting, Rubber cutting, Plastic cutting, Glass cutting, Tile cutting, Cutting of wooden boards, Plywood cutting, Foam plastic cutting, Hardox cutting, Aluminum cutting, AISI cutting, Brass cutting, Copper cutting, Cutting of cutlery, Turning works, Turning, Metal turning, Milling works, Milling, Metal milling, Welding works, Welding, MIG/MAG welding, TIG welding, Stainless steel welding, AISI Welding, Aluminium welding,
Certified welding works, Metal processing, Metal articles, Metal articles, Metal surface treatment, Metal trade, Bending of sheets, Metal bending, Metal bending, Rolling, Punching, Pressing, Sawing, Metal sawing, Metal drilling, Metal grinding, Polishing, Metal polishing, Polishing, Polishing of metal sheet, Metal priming, Metal painting, Assembly work, metal constructions assembling, Trailers, Metal trailer, Mower trailer, Grills, Metal grill, Smokehouse, Metal smokehouse, Metal spoons, Skewers, Meat Skeet, Sauna stove, Saving oven, Firefighting equipment, Frontal bucket, Excavator cup, Boilers, Containers, Decorative grilles, Stone floor mosaics, Tile mosaics, Shaped shapes,
folded platform, Ground screws, Screw piles, Anchor Basics, Bountiful anchors, Concrete components, Ramps, Stair railings, Metal stairs, Metal brackets, Metal hinges, Decorative hinges, Forgings, Decorative forgings, Entrance roofs, Metal gates, Gate frames, Gate poles, Sliding gates, Oven, Stovetop, Metal cooker surface, Oven, Wood oven, Yacht equipment, Kayak equipment, Kayak steering gear, Kayak seat, Kayak seat, Boat equipment, Metal processing. Metalworking companies, Metalworking companies, Metal processing in Talsi, Metalworking Kurzeme, Metal workers, Transportation of metal constructions, Transport services.