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haulage services
fireplace firewood production
forest administration
round timber purchase
tractor services
Tree purchase in log yards


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  3. "Swedbank"
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  5. 02.02.2001
  6. 20.06.2005


"Lateira" the main areas of activity are logging, forest management, purchase of forest properties, logging services, haulage tractor services. Transport services: harvesting/removal of vegetation. Bulk cargo transportation. Tiber hauler services. Extractor tractor services. Stinging of cuttings, tamping. Document keeping. Assessment. Planting, maintenance of forests.



Buying of felling sites, purchase of forest property, forest evaluation, forest location, planting, haulage services, fireplace firewood production, forest administration. Tree purchase in log yards, forests, forest purchase, tree measurements, young stands, young stand care. Chip, woodchip buying, purchase, undergrowth, overgrown removing, collection. Purchase of forests, forest, woodchip, felling areas. Timber hauler, timber hauler, exporter, tractor services, firewood, round timber purchase.