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Drainage systems
Tile profiles
Roof installation
Tin products
Universal, lightweight roofing
VELUX skylights
Skylight construction
Tin products


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Legal data

  1. 41503040129
  2. LV41503040129
  3. 05.12.2006
  4. Rēzeknes iela 3 – 16, Daugavpils, LV-5422
  5. 2021

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About company

"Latgales Jumiķis" - the company was founded in 2006 and engaged in the sale of roofing materials. It offers a wide range of roofs and roof accessories, as well as professional roof installation and delivery throughout Latvia.


Products offered:

  • metal roofs
  • water drain systems
  • skylights
  • tin products



All the highest quality and most popular roofing and accessories in Latvia can be found in one place - everything you need for high-quality roofing! Extensive knowledge and experience help to ensure that we are able to be fully with you, from the selection of roofing materials, calculations to their delivery to the site. We can deliver your order to any place throughout Latvia, as well as, by separate agreement, outside it!



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