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Children surgeon
Children surgeon
Children surgeon
Day inpatient operating room
Day inpatient operating room
Day inpatient operating room
Day inpatient operating room


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Working time

  • Sun-
  • Mon1500-1800
  • Tue900-1400, 1630-1800
  • Wed900-1300, 1530-1800
  • Thu1530-1800
  • Fri930-1300, 1400-1800
  • Sat-

Business data

  • EUR 215797 / 2023
  • 8
  • Service provider

Legal data

  1. 40103150744
  2. 30.12.1994
  3. 12.11.2004
  4. Krišjāņa Barona iela 117, Rīga, LV-1012
  5. 2023


Medical society "LaTi un Kompānija" is an outpatient treatment facility, where pediatric and adult surgery, traumatology and orthopedics specialists are available.

The company was founded in 1994. year.

Working in a united team, with almost twenty years of experience, we are able to help in a wide variety of situations - also in cases of complicated illnesses.

Our goal is to provide professional consultation, diagnosis and treatment.



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