Latvijas Sertifikācijas centrs, LTD

Latvijas Sertifikācijas centrs, LTD

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Latvian Certification Center
Certification and standardization
Fuel evaluation
Testing of alcoholic beverages
Testing of nutritional supplements
Testing of tobacco products
Toy testing
Drinking water laboratory
Quality assurance control
Assessment of compliance with production processes
Alcoholic beverages testing laboratory
International level certification
Technical inspections and expertise in Riga
Quality checks in Riga


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Legal data

  1. 50003298751
  2. LV50003298751
  3. "Nordea Bank Latvijas filiāle"
  4. LV39NDEA0000080027663
  5. 20.06.1996
  6. 08.11.2004


Granted certificates

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CertificateBritish Retail Consortium (BRC)
Certificate26.04.2010Latvijan National Accreditation Bureau (LATAK)

Certification centre

Latvian certification center( LATSERT) is the leading national product conformity assessment institution in Latvia. The main cornerstones of LATSERT's cooperation with clients are: assessment based on objective facts, knowledge and respect for legal regulations, honesty and openness, respect and observance of ethical principles, ensuring confidentiality. CE certification, testing, quality checks, conformity assessment, qualification raising, laboratory, certificates in Latvia, Riga.



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Seminar organization. Public seminars. Conformity assessment, ( certification, testing, inspection) for manufacturing, for manufacturing processes. Fuel, tobacco, fertilizers, chemical products, textiles, food, cosmetics, toys, children goods, biofuel. Consultations, HACCP and self-control system development. BRC certification. ISO 22000. Improvement of professional skill, consultations about quality field. Quality assurance control, food industry. Compliance and quality assurance. Free consultations. Convenient free parking, placement. EC certification, alcoholic beverages, alcohol, alcohol, laboratory, certificates, laws and regulations, laws, regulations, directives, textile materials, textile, mineral fertilizers, organic manure, materials for contact with food, polymeric materials, natural mineral water, drinking water, fuel, diesel fuel, water activity, biofuel, oil products, cigarettes, nutrition supplements, dietetic food, food hygiene, hygiene requirements, food harmlessness, product safety, expertise, analysis, physico-chemical analysis, personnel training, seminars, accredited laboratory, notified institution, quality, experts, auditors, Biogasoline, marked fuel, paper, liming materials, cardboard, methylated spirits, beverages, bread, juices, cookies, non-alcoholic drinks, milk, milk products, meat, meat products, fish, canned food, nuts, dried fruits, breakfast cereals, fruit nectars, fruit, confectionery, honey, sugar, marking, Europe's requirements, food additives, microbiological contamination, pollution, on-line consultations, on-line. Food circulation, company technical documentation, standards, specifications, instructions, manuals, procedures, descriptions, programs, classification, labels, packaging, processes, technical regulations, technological instructions, meals, equipment, technology, produce traceability, withdrawal, product characteristics, good manufacturing practice, implementation, development, GMP, LHP, LRP, conclusion, expiration date, working instructions, production, conclusion. Result quality assurance, product characteristics, parameters, selection of samples. Vodka, rum, brandy, whiskey, liqueurs, gin, beer, cocktails, wines, flavored wines, sparkling wine. Testing: acid value, chloride, fatty acid mass, quality figure, free alkali mass fraction, free sodium carbonate mass fraction, fluorine, moisture, dry extract, thermal stability, colloidal stability benzole, dibutylphthalate, diethyl Acetone, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone, methylisobutylketone, denatonium benzoate, flavours, hydrogen peroxide, patulin, protein, calculating the energy value, energy value determination according to EBC, carbohydrate determination, alkalinity, aldehydes, esters, higher alcohols, methylated spirit, acid concentrations in alcohol, permanganate index, ( water) furfural, ethyl alcohol, strength, alcohol content, sugar, extract, dry matter, dry extract in alcohol, acidity, total or free sulfur dioxide, volatile acid, volatiles, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, toxic elements, lead, cadmium, mercury, nitrates, density, citric acid, vitamin C, sulphates, fatty acid composition of the oil, content of sodium chloride in salt, cyanide, extraction of trace elements, total nitrogen in mineral fertilizers, total nitrogen in organic fertilizers, ammonium nitrogen, urea nitrogen, nitric nitrogen, cyanamide nitrogen, biuret, boron, formaldehyde, ashes, refractive index, carbon dioxide, bread porosity, bread acidity, fat, bitters, iodine, malvidola diglucoside, phosphorus, parabens, phenoxyethanol, caffeine, salicylic acid, stuffing, impurities, solubility, hydrogen carbonate, calcium, magnesium, hardness, potassium, ammonium, sodium, nitrites, electrical conductivity, turbidity, iodine value, hydrogenation figure, unsaponifiable matter substance, peroxide value, pH, volatile nitrogenous bases, sticker, potassium, water activity, sulfur, magnesium, neutralizing capacity, granulometry, determination of trace elements, organic substances, glass and plastic particles, oil product retention ability. Flammable components, total migration, migration in water, migration in an acidic environment, migration in alcohol solution, migration in fatty environment, migration in fat replacer, toxic elements migration, migration of lead and cadmium from ceramic dishes, infrared spectrum for polymers, formaldehyde, alcohol denatured with gasoline or kerosene, alcohol denatured with isopropyl alcohol, alcohol denatured with isopropyl alcohol, mixture of acetone and dyes, denatured alcohol with a mixture of methylethylketone and methylisobutylketone, alcohol denatured with isopropyl alcohol, acetone and denatonium benzoate mixture, alcohol denatured with ethyl acetate, toys and/or their part resistance to pulling out, noise level, flammability, children's bicycles testing, sharp edge inspection, safety equipment check, crack detection, protrusions inspection, brake testing, steering wheel testing, frame testing, wheel testing, tyre testing, pedal testing, ( impact test and dynamic endurance test) seat static testing, chain guard check, side stabilizers check, trunk testing, light device and reflector testing, mechanical properties of toys, toys marking assessment, fatty acid methyl esters in diesel, esters in biofuels, oil product viscosity, methanol in fatty acid methyl ester, free, total glycerin, triglycerides in fatty acid methyl esters, acid value, ( figure) fuel and methyl ester, iodine value, flash point, coking residue, copper plate corrosion, oxidation stability, phosphorus content, Na,, CA, MG, oxidation stability, ( fuel, ethanol E85) resin products, toy testing according to standard LVS EN 71-11, acrylamide Phenol, styrene, primary aromatic amines, tar, nicotine, CO, phthalates, assessment of tobacco product labeling, octane number, lead, benzene, sulfur, oxygenate and oxygen, distillation, density, water, ( Fischer method) cetane index, vapour pressure, cloud point, pour point, cetane number, polycyclic arenas, the quantity of hydrocarbons, cold filter plugging point, ( CFPP) marked fuel evaluation, fabric identification, breaking load and elongation, ( for fabric) breaking load and elongation, ( for threads) stretchability, reversible and irreversible deformation, knit or fabric density, surface density moisture, hygroscopic, skew angle, pilling, resistance to abrasion, thickness, electrical resistance, splitting load, fiber linear density, wool fiber fineness, wool fiber length, mass irregularities, nonwoven fabric sewing density, recovery after creasing, linear dimensions, colour according to Pantone, burning, durability of color to dry or wet friction, durability of color to washing, durability of color to dry cleaning, durability of color to perspiration, durability of color to water, durability of color to alkali, durability of color to acid drops, durability of color to sea water, durability of color to ironing, hydrostatic pressure testing, wetting test, linear dimensional change after wet processing, air permeability color fastness to light, reflective Material Testing, reflection coefficient determination, reflection coefficient determination after scouring, reflection coefficient determination after washing, LVS ISO 4387, LVS 10315, LVS 8454, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, petroleum, methylene blue, thymol blue, crystal violet, N-etil-1-, ( 4-fenilazofenilazo) naftil-2-amine, N-etilheksil-1-, ( tolilazotolilazo) naftil-2-amine, N-tridecil-1-, ( tolilazotolilazo) naftil-2-amine, Solvent Yellow 124. Product testing, chemical, physico-chemical, physical and mechanical testing. LATSERT carries out reflector and clothing with reflective elements testing, determining reflectance properties - fluorescence intensity, according to EN 13356 standard requirements. For food companies: every day are being developed and published new food movement regulatory laws. LATSERT offers a new service - every month you are able to get a list, ( in electronic format) with in the previous month in Latvian and EU official publications published laws and regulations, related to food quality and safety. LATSERT in collaboration with Russian Federation certification institution we offer various product, ( food, cosmetics, children goods, packaging, dish, household chemicals, textiles and other products) certification in accordance with GOST R and Customs union rules: compulsory certification, ( certificates of conformity, declarations, registration) voluntary certification. Pentahlorhenols, ( PCP) in toys! LATSERT offers carcinogen substances pentachlorophenol, ( PCP) determination in toys, which are made of wood or wood processing materials. PCP is one of the substances used in wood preservatives, which promotes tumor formation, it is prohibited in the EU market. Pentachlorophenol, ( PCP) testing in toys shall confirm compliance with toy chemical safety requirements in accordance with standard LVS EN 71-9 + A1 and will provide confirmation, that in production of toys used timber is not treated with preservatives containing that substance. Inspection, audit. product project, documentations, product, process or installation/assembly testing and their conformity determination to certain requirements, or, based on professional judgment, general requirements. We carry out food safety ensuring systems: self-monitoring systems, based on the HACCP principles, food safety management systems, in compliance to ISO 22000 integrated food safety, quality and legality assurance system, in accordance with "BRC Global Standard for Food Safety" or an audit of their individual elements. We realize enterprise internal audits, ( . sk. - system verification and validation) we manage company's internal audit work, carrying out company's internal audits. We implement "the other side" audits - both procedures "Selection and control of suppliers" within, both company, that manufactures products according to your order and/or your trade mark. At your choice is inspected: company area, buildings and facilities, environmental conditions, equipment, work procedures, technology and processes, personnel, product labeling, etc.. . objects. LATSERT carries out in food business involved company - production, recycling, packing, public catering, distribution, ( wholesale and retail) and process inspection. Convenient free parking, car parking. Free advice to clients.