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agricultural machinery trade
tractor machinery sale
agriculture equipment
agriculture equipment
Lokos, shop
Tractor trade
agriculture equipment


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Working time

  • Sun-
  • Mon830-1700
  • Tue830-1700
  • Wed830-1700
  • Thu830-1700
  • Fri830-1700
  • Sat900-1300
  • In summer, opening hours are from 09:00 until 13:00.

Business data

  • EUR 590795 / 2023
  • 4

Legal data

  1. 42403013227
  2. LV42403013227
  3. 30.10.2001
  4. 15.11.2004
  5. "Ievas", Kurna, Kubulu pag., Balvu nov., LV-4566


Ltd. "Lekos" has been specializing in the sale of spare parts for tractors, agricultural machinery, as well as milking machines since 2001. The company also offers various other tools, as well as tractor tires.


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