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Business data

  • EUR 85051 / 2017
  • 15
  • Russian Federation

Legal data

  1. 42103018371
  2. LV42103018371
  3. 11.08.1997
  4. Liepāja, Krūmu iela 11/13, LV-3405
  5. 2017


LERA-L was founded in 1997 and has been active in women's underwear for more than 20 years. Classical collection - this is a comfortable large size linen, which is highly appreciated by our buyers. Fashion collection - comfortable, elegant, modern and beautiful underwear. We offer cooperation opportunities for companies in EU countries and in the Russian Federation. We invite you to cooperate. Individual approach to each customer. 


Underwear manufacturing, LERA-L lingerie, underwear, bras, panties,
corrective underwear, bra for big breasts, bra sizes, women's underwear,
manufacture of ladies' linen, bra size, bras size table, corrective lingerie,
classic style briefs, tango, thong, brazilian panties, plus size lingerie.

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