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  • EUR 91133 / 2020
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  1. 40003867153
  2. LV40003867153
  3. 20.10.2006
  4. Rīga, Zolitūdes iela 38 k-2 - 66, LV-1029
  5. 2020


Ziepju Virtuve is engaged in the production and sale of a variety of soap and cosmetic products. Manufacturing materials, trade of raw materials - forms, bases, dyes, essential oils and other materials. We offer a wide range of designs and fragrance soaps - both solid and liquid - as well as base shampoo and various dyes.



Soap making, cooking. Soap mass, base. Soap raw materials. Soap forms.
Soaps. Shampoo and shower gel, hair balm bases. Products for hobbies.
Raw materials for soap making. Soap forms, plastic shapes, silicone forms.
Soap dyes. Essential oils. Base oils. Soap mass. Soap flavors and
fragrance compositions for soap. Fragrances. Packaging materials.
Bath ball shape. Raw materials for soap making, production, molds of soap samples,
cosmetic clay. Different types of waxes for tea candles, standing candles,
palm wax with snow effect, dishes for tea candles, tools for soap making,
soap packing, gift packaging, gifts, dried flowers, petals for candle
decoration, bath balls.