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Gates, fences
fences for private houses
garage gates
fences for private houses
fences for private houses
industrial gates
wooden fences
fireproof gates
industrial gates
garage gates
metal gates
fireproof gates

Business data

  • EUR 151100 / 2021
  • 4

Legal data

  1. 55403059221
  2. LV55403059221
  3. 18.08.2020
  4. 18.08.2020
  5. "Ķezberi", Suntaži, Suntažu pag., Ogres nov., LV-5060

LK vārti

We are a new company, but the employees have 20 years of experience in the field of gates. With our experience, we will help you find the best solution for gate installation, for your private house or industrial facility. We work throughout the territory of Latvia, advise, inspect objects on site.
Our goal is to develop and provide our customers with the best that is related to the lifting garage gates, fences and other products we offer.
We are punctual and precise, we do our work with a great sense of responsibility.



  • Private house garage gates
  • Industrial garage gates
  • PVC windows and doors, wooden doors
  • Protective shutters
  • Anti-mosquito nets
  • Gate automation
  • Remote control boards
  • Gate components
  • Territory gates - sliding, hinged
  • Fences



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