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Psychologist services
Psychologist's advice
Italian individual courses
Professional development of teachers
Couple relations


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  • EUR 13548 / 2022
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  3. 23.12.1994
  4. 10.12.2004
  5. Dārzu iela 29, Jūrmala, LV-2008


"Love Home" is a center of relationship and self-growth created in love. Here is an opportunity to find answers to your questions and receive support in difficult times. We will find a time for you where we can meet and discuss what is on your heart.


We offer:

  • Psychologist services
  • Astrologer
  • Couples relationship counseling



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psychological research, preparation of an opinion, CAMS model, Astrologer, Annual forecast, Individual card, Couple relations, TANZPRO-Biodanza, ABKT-B program, Professional development of teachers, Italian individual courses, Support group for abused women, Lectures, seminars, Couple relations.