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Mugs and plates
Plastic products
Ironing board
Films, foil, coffee filters
Pyrex dishes
Sponges, rubber gloves
Bathroom accessories


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Business data

  • EUR 5028726 / 2023
  • 34
  • Middle East, Central/East Europe, West Europe
  • Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Poland
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Legal data

  1. 40003299327
  2. LV40003299327
  3. 26.06.1996
  4. 31.10.2003
  5. Ganību dambis 30M, Rīga, LV-1005

About us

The company has been known in the Latvian market since 1996 with a very wide range of products. More than 3,000 customers, when placing orders both in the product sample hall in Ganibu dambis 30M, and in cooperation with sales representatives throughout Latvia, have been convinced and appreciate the professionalism of our employees. We offer a flexible discount policy and an individual approach to each of our customers. Expanding the assortment, we offer goods at very favorable promotional prices every month, thus ensuring the successful development of both customers and the company. We deliver goods throughout Latvia.



Household goods. Boilers, pans. Garbage bags, trash bins.
Candles, grave candles, grave candles, sale of candles. Ironing boards,
tumble dryer. Scales, brooms, sponges, mops, brush head,
interchangeable brush cloths, removable brush cloths, mops, dust cloths.
Bathroom accessories. Thermometers. Kitchen utensils. TORO. PROVENCE.
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