Legal data

  1. 50003557991
  2. 17.08.2001
  3. Rīga, Piedrujas iela 7, LV-1073
  4. 2019
  5. 1


Professional clothes and work clothing, uniform; Furniture and shelving
for manufacturing and laboratories; Warehouse equipment, movable,
metal, for industrial purposes; Woodworking tools; Dies and screw taps,
woodworking; Cutting and sawing tools, (trade); Machinery and equipment
for metallurgy and metalworking, (trade); Woodworking tools and equipment,
(trade) Hydraulic and oil hydraulic equipment and machine tools,
(trade); Earthmoving, road making and construction mechanisms and equipment,
(trade); Construction machinery and equipment, (trade) ; Construction
machinery and equipment spare parts, (trade); Car chemicals, screws,
mounts, installations, heaters, work place.