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  2. LV50003027691
  3. 23.09.1991
  4. 19.05.2003
  5. Latgales iela 445, Rīga, LV-1063


Agriculture equipment. Frontal loaders, URSUS, MX FRONT LOADER UNITS, Plows, Lawn mowers, Rakes, Balers, Bale wrappers, Trailers - lawn mowers, Hanging choppers, Mineral fertilizer spreaders, Trailed shredder, Horsch cultivators, Horsch sowing machines, pneumatic seeder, coat rails, soil cultivation, seagull Seed Tank, dosing equipment, devices. Horsch sprayers, Fodder mixers - splitters, Trailers, Tillage discs, Fogging, equipment, sprayers. Seeding-machine, sowing technique for any weather, sowing combs, harrow rye processing, for soil preparation for sowing. Herbivorous Cultivators, Cultivator, irrigation equipment. Plows, Planting technique, tractor reversible plows, Ploughshares, ploughshare, TERRANO, Soil cultivation. HORSCH. Cultivators Fertilization system. Economical fertilization, incorporation. Soil processing machines, Lawn mowers. Drum lawn mowers, disc lawn mowers, mowers with three-point reapers. Towable disc mowers. Front mower. Livestock farm equipment, Milking machine, Larta, Mobile milking machine, Milk coolers, Milk processing plant, Feed splitters, Trailers, Manure spreaders, Straw spreaders,
Manure cleaners, Slurry carriers, Ventilation equipment, Livestock farm equipment, BARĪBAS GLABĀŠANAS TORŅI, Grain storage equipment, Polish company M - ROL, Feed mixers, Production of Danish Kongskilde for the preparation of fodder: mowers frontal, side, towed with and without plasticizers, spreaders, swathers, shredders - lifts, feed mixers dividers. Grain mills, Pneumatic conveyors, Weighing equipment. German company BUSCHHOFF, Feed mixers, Shredder's mill, Food mobile preparation machine. Polish company MICHAL, Perforated grain tanks, Perforated grain tanks, Flatbed grain tanks, Feed containers, Italian firm AGREX, Mobile grain grinder. Moisture meter. Grain ventilation plant. Auto spare parts for tractor machinery, Component parts for tractors, tractor machinery. Products for livestock, Plows, Bearings, Grain combine harvester spare parts, Rapeseed tables, Spare parts for cultivators, for spoilers, for milling cutters, for the discotheque, Details for seeders, Spare parts for presses, Manure transporters and their spare parts, Spare parts for tractor trailers 2PTS-4; 1PT6-2N; 2PTS-6; 1PTS-9, Spare parts for manure barrels, Cardans and their spare parts, Sprayer spare parts, Grain cleaner OBC and PETKUS spare parts, Agricultural tyres, Agricultural straps, "Kabat" production, "Trygg" production, "PIPPO", "Juta" and "WALD-GOLD" production, Film for wrapping warps, Harness and equestrian equipment.